No doubt travelling is one of my favourite occupations. The more exotic the site, the more pleasure it provides. Breathtaking sceneries are the most appealing to me, though cultural highlights do come close. Sometimes I manage to get the best of both worlds. The travelling mode was not always the same for me, several different types of travelling can be distinguished. Below, mostly those travels are mentioned for which online photo galleries are available now. In due time, this subsite will be extended with new travels, but also with earlier travels, drawing from the existing photo collection.

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European travels, '73-'01

These were travels, alone or as a couple, to some location or through a region with many interesting sights. Preferably of all kinds: nature, culture, people, sun. The most important sights in the vicinity were visited through booked excursions, by public transport, rent-a-car of our own car (starting from home). The most popular places were Western Europe and the Mediteranean, especially Spain and Greece.

Single travels, '96-'00

In my single period I tried various forms of organized group travels.

Exotic travels, '86-'96

By exotic travels I mean organized group travels beyond Europe to areas with impressive scenery, rich culture and / or special animal and plant life. More often than not regions were visited that were distant of difficult to reach. Accomodation and transportation used to be less luxurious, if not somewhat primitive, and sometimes downright tough.

Wintersports travels, '98-'01

Wintersports to me means alpine skiing, though I once started my experience with the category on a week langlaufen. My subsequent vacations, excluding langlaufen, are:

Photo gallery of all my wintersports travels - FlexWindow (all photos reedited & 9 newly added!)

Family travels, '02-'07

Conceptually, family travels are similar to the European travels above: a room or appartment is booked, in an interesting environment, and then it comes down to cruising through the region. Only this time with kids. Anja and I think that travels abroad with kids are feasible indeed. Naturally we have to adapt: we take things a little more slowly. Additionally, we blend many attractions-for-kids into the program, preferably the ones we like as well.

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