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At Eindhoven University of Technology I was responsible for the following lectures:

For all these lectures I wrote complete lecture notes.

Electronic course book

At the Open University in Heerlen I was particularly interested in the possibility of developing truly web based courses for the internet. I still am convinced the future of this university, and perhaps of a large part of the community of higher education, lies there.

For a talk I developed a sample of such a course, based on the traditional course about programming in Java. After some years of evolution this project resulted in a collection of insights and models, called the Electronic Course Book. Although I stopped working for the Open University, the project continues, insofar that the ideas have been incorporated in several courses and put to practice. You are still most welcome to try out sample courses on the ECB web site, and send your comments to me, or use the web questionnaires.

Other teaching

In Eindhoven and Heerlen I participated in the following other teaching activities:
  • developing courses in Programming, Windows applications, Visual Java, Object oriented programming, Digital electronics and microprocessors
  • coaching students on their graduation
  • coaching groups of students carrying out practical assignments
  • taking care of exercise sessions or lab sessions in Pascal, Standard Algorithms, Algebraic Data Types, Programming (in various styles), Heuristic Searching (e.g. Local Search, Genetic Algorithms) and Neural Networks
  • correcting exams on Complexity Theory, Operating Systems, Combinatorial Algorithms, Denotational Semantics, Aspects of Programming Languages, Relational Databases, Compilers and Object Oriented Programming
  • personal coaching of students

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