Job preferences


A new job that is interesting enough for me to make a switch should have some of the challenges that made my present position so attractive, and perhaps some others. It should be a challenge to my creativity and analytical skills. I like versatility in a job, change, growth. Every day a new problem? No problem! If a problem interests me I don't stop until it is solved. The terms "nine-to-five" and "daily routine" are not in my dictionary.

I am not confined to the area where I live. Any place in the Netherlands is fine in principle. In fact, last year I did move from Eindhoven, where I grew up, to Heerlen (I do slightly prefer the central or south-eastern part of the Netherlands). If a job involves temporary assignments abroad: all the better, I like to travel. However, about permanent positions outside the Netherlands I would have to think twice.

A pleasant atmosphere, working with open-minded and friendly colleagues, is essential to me. Everybody helping each other, good teamwork, working for a common goal, all these things are important. I think some pressure now and then, working with deadlines, stimulates production. On the other hand, I think it is counterproductive if the goals are evidently set too high, or if the pressure is structural and never stops.


In the past years, working at the university, I have acquired much experience with teaching, and I have grown to like it very much. Passing your knowledge onto others, before a large audience, in small groups, individually, or through books or electronic media, is an enriching experience, in which you are learning yourself as well. In my opinion it does not matter much whether the recipients are students on a school, workers learning new skills, or customers learning to use a new tool. As long as the members of the target group are motivated and eager to learn, it is worth while. Hence possibilities include as much universities and institutes for professional education as commercial institutes for job training. Keeping my background in mind, the subjects could range from computer science and mathematics to electronics and physics, depending on the level of sophistication. The form of education could be anything from traditional classroom teaching to using all available modern tools like the Internet and multimedia.


Doing research is one of my favourite pastimes. I did engage succesfully in theoretical research, but I'd rather keep a keen eye on applications, I do like to see tangible results. In view of my education and career so far, research should preferably be in the field of computer science (e.g. program design, software engineering, object-oriented programming, computer graphics, embedded software, internet applications), or computational physics. The positions I have in mind here are to be found on universities and government or commercial research institutes.


Maybe now the time has come to exploit all the knowledge and experience I have acquired, and really start developing applications on demand, or as the need arises from clients. Guiding software development in the form of medium-sized or large projects for interested customers, requesting high standards of quality. These customers could come from the computer world as well as from the field of applied physics. I had a thorough education in physics and electronics, so I know what experts in these fields talk about. Positions with this signature can possibly be found in software houses, commercial institutes for engineering, or research and development sections of large companies.

If you have comments or suggestions, having read the above, please contact me.

Content from 1995, lay-out last updated May 31st, 2006
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