Education and occupation chronology

aug 67 - may 73
Grammar school (Gymnasium B), Augustinianum, Eindhoven; subjects: Latin, Greek, English, German, French and of course Dutch languages, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and History
sep 73 - mar 80
Applied Physics, at Eindhoven University of Technology
may 79
Bachelor's degree (kandidaats), with practical assignments (stages) on Solar Cells, Software Development for the Analysis of Scattering Spectra, and Consistent Quantisation of Physical Laws.
mar 80
Graduation Cum Laude (afstuderen, ingenieursexamen cum laude), with a master's thesis on Quantum Mechanical Measurement Theory, coached by dr. W.M. de Muynck
mar 80 - mar 84
Graduate PHD student (Wetenschappelijk assistent) at Eindhoven University of Technology, coached by prof.dr. B.J. Verhaar, on Computer Models for Scattering in Atomic Hydrogen
apr 84
PHD (promotie) on the thesis: Theoretical Aspects of the Stabilization of Atomic Hydrogen. Coaching professors (promotoren): prof.dr. B.J. Verhaar and prof.dr. I.F. Silvera (Harvard USA)
mar 84 - jul 84
Post-doc position under prof.dr. B.J. Verhaar
aug 84 - mar 97
Assistant professor (Universitair docent) in Computing Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology
apr 97 - apr 01
Course team leader in Computer Science at the Open University, Heerlen.
may 01 - now
Information architect / project leader for the development of advanced web applications in Human Resources Systems at Raet, Amersfoort

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