flexWindow Help

First maximize this window, to fully enjoy the photographs. Click the thumbnails or section headings left to show large photos and/or texts on the right.
All photos are scaled to the maximum size that fits into the available window. If the window is resized in between, the next photo will be adjusted to the window once more.
Some thumbnails or menu items open multimedia or pages with lay-out, mostly in the main page, otherwise in a pop-up. If your browser can't deal with them, you will be offered the choice to download. Special multimedia markup:

Video, animation or document

Sound or music

Edited html page

Selected item

External link

photo or multimedia sequence

If you like to save the selected item to your pc, click the icon above the menu. If that fails, click the same icon with the right mouse button and select 'Save target as...'.

Key shortcuts for navigation
Previous item in menu, up
Next item in menu, down
Previous item in sequence, or else in menu
[p] Likewise: previous in sequence or menu
Next item in sequence, or else in menu
[n], [Tab] Likewise: next in sequence or menu

[Pg Up] 10 items back in menu, up
[Pg Dn] 10 items forward in menu, down
[Home] To first item in menu
[End] To last item in menu
[Enter] Same item, adjusted to window
[space] Same item, adjusted to window
[Esc] To initial state, help closed